We planted salad!

lettuce plantsThis weekend has been warm and sunny and although our to-do list was long we managed to find time to visit our favorite greenhouse to pick up some already-sprouted lettuces, spinach and herbs.

Thienemans Herbs is an old-fashioned, family-owned operation where you can find herbs and perennials, heirloom tomatoes and more. We like it because it specializes in PLANTS — you won’t find garden gnomes or bric-a-brac — just healthy plants and good advice.

Last year we didn’t plant lettuces or herbs until mid-April but this year, because we had such a mild winter, many of our herbs wintered over. Our parsley is as green as ever, as is the oregano.

mason jars placed over plantsOur “salad bar” grows in Earth Boxes on the south-facing, sunny side of the house — just steps from our back door. We have five boxes, which is enough for our favorite kitchen herbs.  When the early salad greens are finished we fill in with basil plants that we use fresh and harvest for pesto.

Just to be on the safe side, we’re using upturned mason jars as mini-greenhouses until we’re sure freezing temperatures are gone. The jars are just the right size for the tiny plants. One of the features I love about the Earth Boxes is that you water them through a tube and the moisture comes up through the bottom of the box. That helps keep these delicate plants from washing away and the boxes don’t dry out as fast as other containers might.

wooden markers with plant names It feels good to be in the sunshine and in the garden. And I’m sure we’ll enjoy eating from the varieties of healthy greens later in the season.


About Dianna Ott

Lydia Street is about an old house, a new garden and the adventures of the lovely and talented occupants, Dianna and Christe. We love our dogs; we love to cook; we love to garden; and we have too many house projects going on at the same time. We also have plenty of stories to tell.
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One Response to We planted salad!

  1. Sauly says:

    You have inspired me to completely change the layout of my vegetable garden. I move into my new home in 2 weeks and am going to be digging soon. I am definitely going to try the salad boxes for my lettuce and spinach instead! Thank you for the inspiration!

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