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The new door and the badass list

We have a monster master list of “things to do for the house” that reaches from here to New Orleans. And when that badass list gets to New Orleans it will order a drink or two on Bourbon Street, dance … Continue reading

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Our hearts are broken

Sad, sad news here at Lydia Street. Since this has been the year for unpredictable weather it’s hard to know what to expect next. We had a mild winter and an early spring, a devastating hail storm then temperatures reaching … Continue reading

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Friday Dog Photo: Is there a beagle in the house?

This little dog grew up around an elderly beagle and learned to speak (howl?) that language at a very young age. Nobody has ever explained to her that 7 pounds of miniature pincher/miniature dachshund isn’t supposed to sound like that. … Continue reading

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Blackberry Jam and other controversies

Just LOOK at what we found at the farmer’s market over the weekend! Jam! Well, not yet anyway. We found these old Mason jars in a junk store a few years ago – five of them for $3 — and … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons Learned in the Garden

1. Planning is good. Don’t¬†decide to just dig a hole and drop a plant in it without much consideration of how tall or how invasive that species can be. In life, too, stop to think what the consequences of an … Continue reading

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This is what we ate: Shrimp and couscous with spinach

The shrimp was sauteed in olive oil, butter and minced garlic and served over couscous and fresh spinach. The sauce from the shrimp added the perfect flavor for the couscous.

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When it comes to tomatoes, split happens

It happens every year. You’ll head out to the garden to harvest your beautiful red ripe tomatoes and you will find cracks and splits in the fruit. This condition s caused by a dry period followed by overwatering (or ANY … Continue reading

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Friday Dog Photo: Have you ever really looked at an Australian Shepherd’s nostrils?

After weeks of Adia–all-the-time saying “look at me” and “take my picture” we’re back to Piper, our 75 pounds of big-love, shaggy-haired¬†Australian Shepherd. He’s sooooo much harder to photograph because he never sits still long enough to focus. Here’s a … Continue reading

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This is what we ate: Caprese salad, hummus and seitan

We picked 20 or more cherry tomatoes but instead of standing in the garden and eating them right off the vine we acted like grownups (for once) and took them inside the house where they sat on the counter for … Continue reading

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Sunflowers are here

The sunflowers have finally started to bloom here at Lydia Street. We woke up this morning to find two opened blossoms and more buds getting ready to bloom. Even Harold the Bee stopped by for an early morning inspection of … Continue reading

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