The new door and the badass list

We have a monster master list of “things to do for the house” that reaches from here to New Orleans. And when that badass list gets to New Orleans it will order a drink or two on Bourbon Street, dance on the table and say to us “you will never ever get everything done on this list so you may as well have a drink!” Seriously. The list is that badass.

We are not afraid of that list. In fact, we crossed off item number 856 (well you didn’t think we did things in order, did you?) just recently with the installation of our new storm door.

The old door.

The old door was probably beautiful, even stylish, in 1966. The people who lived at Lydia Street when it was installed were very happy with the way it looked. And it did its job, keeping the drafty cold air from seeping in around the original craftsman style door.

New door

But this new door is just as hard-working but instead of hiding the REAL door of the house, the storm door tries to disappear.

Painting the porch is also on the badass list, at item number 642. We’ll get to that on another day. Sigh.


About Dianna Ott

Lydia Street is about an old house, a new garden and the adventures of the lovely and talented occupants, Dianna and Christe. We love our dogs; we love to cook; we love to garden; and we have too many house projects going on at the same time. We also have plenty of stories to tell.
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10 Responses to The new door and the badass list

  1. Lovely colors. We’re in the process of choosing house colors, and it’s enough to drive me mad…

  2. i wonder what #348 is….
    OK, i am here to inform you, you are the proud beneficiary of an award. Take your pick… i did NOT follow rules. No obligations for you either, of course. 😉

  3. I love the glass door – and the porch! Those stones are so wonderful and painted such a beautiful color. Weren’t those laid by the WPA? We have several armories and homes here in my state out of that kind of stone and they were all laid by them so I guess I assumed they were exclusive to WPAs.

  4. dorannrule says:

    Your new storm door is handsome! Just curious – what’s Number 855 on the badass list?

  5. Emily says:

    I like it… I also like the craftsman door!

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