Pie of the Month Club – Peach

Did we tell you about our family’s “Pie of the Month” club?

A few years ago we opened the best Christmas present ever — a promise of a homemade pie each month from Christe’s mother.

When we drove up to our favorite orchard last Saturday morning we bought enough peaches for us and for this month’s pie.


About Dianna Ott

Lydia Street is about an old house, a new garden and the adventures of the lovely and talented occupants, Dianna and Christe. We love our dogs; we love to cook; we love to garden; and we have too many house projects going on at the same time. We also have plenty of stories to tell.
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4 Responses to Pie of the Month Club – Peach

  1. pattyabr says:

    thanks for referencing my blog. My peaches come this weekend. I can hardly wait.

  2. Lydia Street says:

    Christe’s mom bakes 4 pies every month already but hey, what’s one more? What’s your favorite flavor? Last month was Banana Cream …

  3. Jorie says:

    Um, I am interesting in joining a pie of the month club! Specifically, Christie’s mother’s pie of the month club. Looks delish!

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