2018 has already disappointed me

Here in my corner of the world it is 6 degrees with a windchill of below zero. This is not typical for January 3rd and because it is not typical the water pipes in my house are now frozen.

While the plumber’s office was sympathetic, they also told me that my situation was not critical since no pipes have burst … yet. I’m on the list. They will/may come tomorrow.

I am lucky. I can work from home. I have heat, thanks to the new furnace we installed only two weeks before Christmas (thanks Santa!).

I am dreaming now of Spring.


About Dianna Ott

Lydia Street is about an old house, a new garden and the adventures of the lovely and talented occupants, Dianna and Christe. We love our dogs; we love to cook; we love to garden; and we have too many house projects going on at the same time. We also have plenty of stories to tell.
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