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Rest and relaxation in the garden

“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.” – Ruth Stout Life has been busy these past weeks and I miss being able to sit outside and enjoy the garden. This week I promise myself … Continue reading

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Grandmothers and gardens

Grandmother was a gardener. That’s not too surprising. Almost everyone of her generation (she was born in 1890) who had a little plot of land grew crops and flowers. People grew food and raised animals out of necessity. And if … Continue reading

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Our hearts are broken

Sad, sad news here at Lydia Street. Since this has been the year for unpredictable weather it’s hard to know what to expect next. We had a mild winter and an early spring, a devastating hail storm then temperatures reaching … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons Learned in the Garden

1. Planning is good. Don’t┬ádecide to just dig a hole and drop a plant in it without much consideration of how tall or how invasive that species can be. In life, too, stop to think what the consequences of an … Continue reading

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