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Friday Dog Photo


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Evidence of work in the garden

Despite the blog-silence, we’ve been hard at work in the garden. Weeding, mulching and even moving some plants before the hot weather really starts to set in here. More photos to come. Promise.

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When will our sunflowers bloom already?

Good job sunflowers. You’re growing tall and strong and doing a pretty good job of disguising the ugly side of our neighbor’s house. Now it’s time to make some flowers. Please? UPDATE: They’re here!

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Friday Dog Photo

Happy Friday from Piper!

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Bringing the outdoors in

Inside the house you’ll find reminders of the outdoors. A vase of flowers, fresh picked vegetables on the kitchen counter, and a bowl of rocks in the living room. I don’t know why we seem to collect rocks. After a … Continue reading

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What’s blooming this week

Here’s what’s blooming in the garden this week. Click on a photo to open the gallery. June 9, 2012 [The babies!] June 2, 2012 May 21, 2012 April 25, 2012

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Progress on the tomato front

Our tomato plants are healthy and happy so far and the fruit on this Sweet 100 looks like it will ripen nicely in a few weeks. This is one of our favorite varieties because the tomatoes are so sweet and … Continue reading

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Friday Dog Photo

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“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” Gautuma Buddah.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

This week’s photo challenge is friendship. To me, that’s having dinner with friends like these, all of whom have been in my life for 20 years or more. It’s hard work, friendship. You have to make time to really listen … Continue reading

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