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Friday Dog Photo: Piper’s eye

Australian Shepherds like Piper have the most interesting eyes. They can range from very light blue to deep brown, including both colors in one eye, like this one. More Friday Dog Photos: Have you ever really looked at an Australian … Continue reading

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Sweet 100s are our favorite tomato

This is the third year we’ve grown the cherry tomato variety “Sweet 100,” so-named for the quantity of fruit it produces. I think it should be renamed “Sweet 1000” because man-o-man these plants keep delivering. We pick the amount in … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies were the hit of the Kentucky State Fair

Here in Kentucky we know about good food. After all, we invented Fried Chicken (the brand), Papa John lives here, Ale-8-One was first bottled in 1926, and (oh yeah) there’s the whole bourbon thing. I never said the food we … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I searched through my photo archives to find this photo taken in Portland, Oregon a few years ago to meet this week’s photo challenge of “urban.” Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban ( Things to Do in Portland, Oregon (

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Another interesting character from the Kentucky State Fair

At the Kentucky State Fair is a special barn for mules and jacks. Mules are the offspring of mares (female horses) and jacks (male donkeys). Mules cannot reproduce. I don’t know if this is a mule or a jack. I … Continue reading

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Hello Colonel!

Remember Colonel Foghorn Leghorn? Doesn’t this fellow remind you of him just a little bit? This was just one of the many characters I met over the weekend at the Kentucky State Fair. You’ll be hearing more about that later … Continue reading

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Bright and beautiful sunflower bouquet

Some of the sunflowers survived the terrible storm incident earlier in the summer. They are hardy plants, and although our plan to disguise the neighbor’s house didn’t turn out as well as we thought it would, we have been able … Continue reading

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Friday Dog Photo – Adia and Milk Bone

Apologies for this out-of-focus instagram photo taken by cellphone but we just loved the bright-eyed eager little dog face expression as Adia waits for her beloved Milk Bone. Related articles Friday Dog Photo – Have you every really looked at … Continue reading

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Pie of the Month Club – Peach

Did we tell you about our family’s “Pie of the Month” club? A few years ago we opened the best Christmas present ever — a promise of a homemade pie each month from Christe’s mother. When we drove up to … Continue reading

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Low Sugar Peach Jam

It’s been a good year for peaches in the Ohio Valley. Despite the dry weather, our favorite orchard had no shortage when we made our pilgrimage upriver to buy fruit last weekend. Last year, when we made peach jam, we … Continue reading

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